RJV Panel Systems manufactures a rugged light weight polyurethane injected panel. These panels are used in creating buildings of any shape or size in the oil and gas industry. Panels are also used to create utilidors for housing piping and pipeline risers. The panels may be used in a variety of applications including office trailers, storage sheds, and large walk in refrigerated storage areas.


RJV Panel Systems manufacture panels which are 1-1/2” thick x 47 -3/4” wide with lengths up to 16 feet. The standard 1-1/2” thick panel has a R-12 value rating. 

Panel Thickness R Values
1.5″ R12
2.0″ R16
2.5″ R20

Fire Resistant

Water Resistant




Variety of Colours

RJV Panel Systems manufactures two types of polyurethane injected panels. One type of panel incorporates aluminum extrusion to join panels together then fastened in place with metal screws. The second style of panel is an interlock style. The interlock does not incorporate an aluminum extrusion, the panels are designed to interlock together and then fastened to each other with metal screws.

For structures or building which require a P.Eng stamp, RJV Panel Systems manufactures a polyurethane injected panel which incorporates an internal aluminum square tubing for additional strength. This product is exclusive to RJV Panel Systems

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