Zero Emissions

RJV Gas Field Services offers Zero Emission Packages that assist our clients in lowering their GHG’s (tCO2e) while increasing their Return on Investment. The custom built units are completely self-sufficient via solar power from the sun. 

Zero Emissions Case Study

As the oil + gas industry seeks new, greener initiatives to lower the sector’s carbon footprint, RJV Gas Field Services have been leaders in clean energy innovations. To combat climate change, we recognize the importance of collaborating with our clients to manufacture packages that nullify emissions into the atmosphere. In doing so, our clients can drastically lower their GHG’s (tCO2e) output, while increasing their ROI (return on investment) by generating carbon credits.

Below is a Zero Emissions Case Study that exhibits the benefits + advantages of choosing our Zero Emissions Packages as an alternative to Pneumatic packages.

Carbon Credits

8 Year Carbon Credit

27000 Tco2e

8,364 Passenger Vehicles

Customer’s Challenge

Customer’s planned pneumatic 10 Well Multi-Unit Pad site is expected to produce 27,000 tCO2e over the next 8 years.

With methane emissions as a main contributor to climate change, customer seeks a solution that lowers their carbon footprint while increasing their return on investment.

Our Solution

Convert all pneumatic equipment that vents methane emissions to low-voltage, electric equipment.

Provide power to all electrical equipment with solar power energy via installation of solar panels and batteries. In turn, any need for pneumatically venting gas is eliminated.


  • $987,000.00 Carbon Credits
  • 8 Year Carbon Credit Program  
  • 27,000 Tco2e Eliminated
  • 8,364 Passenger Vehicles Removed
  • 2 and 3 phase design
  • Vertical + Horizontal Separators
  • 16″ OD to 48″ OD Vessel Size
  • Liquid + Gas Metering
  • Methanol + Chemical Injection
  • Sweet or Sour Service
  • Single and/or Dual Compartment Liquids Tank
  • Tank Size Ranges: 1900L to 34500L
  • Compressors (Low or High Voltage)
  • Skid-Mounted
  • Custom Control Systems
  • ESD Loop
  • SCADA System c/w RTU
  • Pole-Mounted Solar Panels
  • Radio + Batteries

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